Thursday, August 22, 2013

Side Planks: From Basic to Advanced

Please consult your physician before starting this or any other fitness program

Side Planks are great for an

All over body workout


Fitness and Health should never be

about beating your body into submission

Its about teaching yourself to

listen, to tone, and to focus on doing it right

And remember no matter what

Level you are at

If your body screams for you to stop, its best to listen!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Plank Series 3 of 3

Hey Fellow Bloggers and Followers!
I just want to let you know that I am moving most of my Blog over to Wordpress....
Yeah I know its so sad, but the format of Wordpress works so much more like a Webpage
Since I have so many amazing subjects, it helps me keep them in easy to search tabs!
please come by and check it out!

However, for a while I will still post here because I love helping you
towards your health and fitness goals!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Yoga and Pilates Planks: Set Two (Off The Floor)

Who said it has to be done on a floor?

Quick Note
If you have sweaty hands or your hands keep slipping
try using weight gloves, a door way, or a chair to hold on to.

If you prefer the floor, then watch Set Three!

Please consult your medical doctor before starting this
or any other fitness program

How Long Do You Hold A Plank?

Try holding a plank for 30 seconds
Take a break
Then come back and do another 30 seconds

Its best to do a one minute plank 
Three times a week
Using it with part of your toning exercises

What is your Maximum Hold Time?

3 Minutes is your maximum hold time
If 3 minutes is too easy then you should 
move on to the next harder level
(See Other Vlogs on advanced planks)

When is the best time to do them?

I encourage my students and clients to 
hold planks each food commercial
Its a great way to add a small bit of toning
Plus it keeps you from running up the stairs 
or out the door for a snack!

Yoga and Pilates Planks: Set One (Using Props)


I Swear every fit class does them
and I continue to see many people doing them wrong!

Here is a fun guide to learning about your body
and how to adapt towards this amazing full body workout

Remember to consult your doctor before you start this
or any other fitness program

When Planks are done correctly
the core should be shaking on each exhale

Most people find themselves holding their breath in this pose

I personally like to close my eyes during planks
this insures that I can feel each muscle in their correct place
and that I can fully focus on my breath!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Leg Lifts Plus Extra Challenge with Elevator Legs

Leg Lifts

Define and Firm
All aspects of your core, thighs, and glutes

Remember to consult your doctor before you start this
or any other fitness program

Remember the following
Keep the Spine Imprinted into the floor
Keep your pelvic girdle engaged
Always keep your knees and thighs together
(Its very easy to let the thighs part)
Bare feet are best, shoes add too much weight

If your Hips start to hurt cross your ankles
If you can't go the whole distance, 
then try not to go as far 
or bend your knees to lessen the weight

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bridge Pose: From basics to advanced

Bridge Pose
Remember to please consult a medical professional
before you start this or any other fitness program

Main Purpose 
Strengthen Hamstrings

Secondary Purpose 
Strengthens Core, back, triceps, and shoulders

Stretches (Opens up)
Hip Flexors and Chest

Pilates Ball
Challenges balance and enchances difficulty
Strengthens stabilizing muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Yoga Variation (not shown)
Clasp the hands together under the back,
palms facing each other
fingers angled towards toes.
Insure Triceps are fully engaged 
to protect the neck and back.
You may also switch your hands into 
prayer position with fingers towards shoulders
but this is usually for those with very flexible wrists

Possible Health Concerns
Changes pressure of blood flow
Can cause dizzyness, headaches, and numbness in lower limbs
Neck pressure is increased
Lower back (lumbar) pain
Breast/Chest tissue can be heavy and cause breathing difficulty

Remember to check with a doctor first
Second, if you can't go as high....don't!

Bridge can be done just by barely lifting 
your hips off the ground and then placing them back down

As I will always remind you...we are not
all built the same!
Move within your own
body's possibilities

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Core Fitness: Using props and understanding basics

A pain in your neck!

Not only can fitness seem like an overwhelming
and frustrating project to take on
It can also physically become
a pain in your neck

Please seek a medical professionals advise before you start 
any health or fitness program


True strength comes from the inside out
We should always focus to tone the body
Balancing the body in ways that help build all over strength

There is no such thing as Spot Reduction
Doing a bazillion crunches will not guarantee
a flat stomach

However, having a strong core has truly helped me
and so many others
learn to be stronger in all other forms of fitness

Thanks again for visiting!

Reference Sites: (Fitness balls and information)
Stott Pilates on (Fitness balls, straps, videos, and more)  (Mats and Yoga supplies)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ego...keeping it in check


Self Esteem or Self Importance
Conscious and Unconscious
A Sense of Self
. . . . . . . . .

When it comes to keeping life in balance
it is vital that we keep our egos in check

Variety truly is the spice of life
One size truly does not fit all

Note: The phrase "the ultimate crime" is meant as a statement against ones self. We allow our egos to pull us away from what life has to offer. Most of the time it is the fear of being judged by others. This fear usually pulls people into deep depressions, they loose the want or need to care about themselves.

Not only have I lived this fear
let it control me
but I have met countless clients over the years
who also struggle with this issue

The current movements in society towards
Body Image and No-Bullying
are signs that our society is ready for a change
I am hoping that some of what I believe
and what I have learned
will help you or someone you love

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Basic Yoga Toes

Unbinding your little piggies
Now before we go on remember....
Most people hate their feet
They neglect them day after day
And yet without your feet
You only have a leg to stand on 
and that's not very comfortable for the leg

Accept your self
Stop judging
Look at your toes and learn to love and accept them
Finding balance in life comes from a strong base
Tracking the feet correctly can truly benefit the hips and spine

Monday, June 3, 2013

Yoga Tree Pose (Levels for all fitness abilities)

Tree Pose
Balance pose for yoga 
Using a Chair/Wall and a Strap


If it hurts, don't do it!

This can take time, be patient

Be stable at all 4 stages of Tree Pose before you decide to let go of your support!

Blog Me if you have questions, I truly love to answer them

Breathing Basics

Breathing....Face time with Jeannie
 In this video I explain about the Breathing Basics video

Breathing Basics 
Fantastic for beginners or anyone who wants to strengthen their core


Something so simple, can it truly be hard to master...the answer...oh yeah. My 19 years in health and fitness I have been telling people to breathe. Something so basic, you can't live without breathing for very long. So why do I have to tell people to breathe. It truly comes down to stress. Not only can deep breathing help relax you but it has so many health benefits. One of the most important benefits that I realized is the connection between the diaphragm and the core muscles. Not only can this help you clean out your lungs, you would be amazed to know that we all have a little phlegm and muck in our lungs. This also strengthens the core. Yep, you can do sit ups and never have to actually sit up.

The truth is. After 5 years of researching and studying and watching my clients. Very few people do abs correctly. They cheat...Yep I said it...cheat! They use gravity or other muscle groups to try to force their poor head off the floor. If you have ever done with this weaker abs then your neck has told you the next what a bad idea that was. Yet, they go back time and time again pulling their necks. This causes headaches, it can affect your sight, jaw pain, shoulder pain, vertebral pain, and over all just a feeling that someone beat you up. 

But let’s stop for a minute. You will learn in time that I will keep telling you to lose the ego. Why do we have to lift our heads off the floor. Why do we have to look like the next guy, or the cute instructor. Not everyone is built the same. That's why I have this blog. You can do some of the most amazing abs just lying on the ground and breathing. Again something in life can be that simple. Watch the Vlogs and take this journey with me. It takes time, sometimes things that should be simple can end up being the hardest thing you have to do. This is because you need to focus. Every detail counts, flexing each muscle, taking each breath, listening to your body and the clues its giving you.

Now if you are one of these people and you feel you don't need this info. I encourage you to stop and remember that we all need basics. I find it amazing to teach clients the basics and how many of them come back telling me that they never realized how much they were cheating. Yes, I have had some incredible athletes such as dancers and runners tell me how much they have gained by rebuilding from the basics. 

Remember ego stops us from achieving more, from listening to ourselves, and from understanding.