Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Work Out Mistakes

I have been guilty of all of these following fitness mistakes.  I live in the fitness world, every day I see the same person wanting better results from their workouts.  They never change their routines and they think cardio is the only answer to burning off those extra pounds.  This unfortunately wears down the body before it ever wears down the jean size.  

Now granted any movement is better than none. Here is a great article that illustrates this:

How many of you caught the subject about Pilates being considered resistance?

Many people don't.  Take it from a Pilates instructor.  

My favorite part of my job is when I get a client who discovers the true joy of Pilates and how it can help transform your body into a leaner machine and help you reach your other fitness goals as well.

Dancers love Pilates because it enhances their balance, very vital for developing the grace and poise necessary to be a great dancer.

Runners love Pilates because it helps increase their lung capacity by building a stronger mind body connection and a stronger diaphragm. 

Men are often amazed at how the abs will build "inward"!  This leans the muscle and supports the vital organs and spine.  They are also amazed at how weak their inner thighs usually are before they start and the benefits to their pelvic girdle and hip joints as they tone their thighs.

Women will often feel their upper abdominal girdle tighten up first.  This not only feels great to the touch but really enhances that beautiful hour glass figure most of us want.  They also benefit by strengthening their lower pelvic girdle.  This not only helps support vital organs but aids in recovery from many female health issues.  

Injured clients start to understand how their body really works and that there are always variations they can use on any pose they have trouble performing.  

Unconditioned clients realize that no matter where they are in age, shape, or health that Pilates is a fantastic way to help them prevent injuries.  Many people feel the strength from Pilates helps them move forward to other classes they may never have had the nerve to try without feeling stronger where it counts the most.

Pilates is also amazing because you never have to do a single crunch to build your core.  In fact, as you will see in this blog site.  All you have to do is breathe correctly and you will feel your core work like never before.

Zumba: Oye- Salsa

One of my favorite Salsa's
I use this song to really get the heart rate up!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Beginning

I have been wanting to achieve this goal for over 2 years now.  And after a lot of trial and error in my life I am finally here!  Welcome to Fitness4anybody!

I am excited to take you on a journey, one that if all my goals go according to plan will have me posting some of my amazing routines on line.

I am looking forward to some recipe exchanging, self motivation, body image support, a forum of questions and answers, ect.

I'm hoping that my past 17 years of experience and innovations will help motivate you to find new ways to achieve your goals, what ever they may be.

I am also hoping that you follow me on my journey.  I have an amazing lifetime dream I will tell you more about and I really am so excited to see if I can make it come true!

Happy Blogging my friends and keep your eyes open, Youtube vids are coming!!!