Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bridge Pose: From basics to advanced

Bridge Pose
Remember to please consult a medical professional
before you start this or any other fitness program

Main Purpose 
Strengthen Hamstrings

Secondary Purpose 
Strengthens Core, back, triceps, and shoulders

Stretches (Opens up)
Hip Flexors and Chest

Pilates Ball
Challenges balance and enchances difficulty
Strengthens stabilizing muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Yoga Variation (not shown)
Clasp the hands together under the back,
palms facing each other
fingers angled towards toes.
Insure Triceps are fully engaged 
to protect the neck and back.
You may also switch your hands into 
prayer position with fingers towards shoulders
but this is usually for those with very flexible wrists

Possible Health Concerns
Changes pressure of blood flow
Can cause dizzyness, headaches, and numbness in lower limbs
Neck pressure is increased
Lower back (lumbar) pain
Breast/Chest tissue can be heavy and cause breathing difficulty

Remember to check with a doctor first
Second, if you can't go as high....don't!

Bridge can be done just by barely lifting 
your hips off the ground and then placing them back down

As I will always remind you...we are not
all built the same!
Move within your own
body's possibilities

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