Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Core Fitness: Using props and understanding basics

A pain in your neck!

Not only can fitness seem like an overwhelming
and frustrating project to take on
It can also physically become
a pain in your neck

Please seek a medical professionals advise before you start 
any health or fitness program


True strength comes from the inside out
We should always focus to tone the body
Balancing the body in ways that help build all over strength

There is no such thing as Spot Reduction
Doing a bazillion crunches will not guarantee
a flat stomach

However, having a strong core has truly helped me
and so many others
learn to be stronger in all other forms of fitness

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Reference Sites: (Fitness balls and information)
Stott Pilates on (Fitness balls, straps, videos, and more)  (Mats and Yoga supplies)

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